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Tod in den Wolken Agatha Christie

Tod in den Wolken

Agatha Christie

196 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Not the best of Christies mysteries, and some truly appalling casual racism that threw me out of the story as a modern reader. Blah blah context, I know, but the characters themselves were detestable. I quote this as an example as the two romantic protagonists get to know each other over dinner:They liked dogs and disliked cats. They both hated oysters and loved smoked salmon. They liked Greta Garbo and disliked Katherine Hepburn. They didnt like fat women and admired really jet-black hair. They disliked very red nails. They disliked loud voices, noisy restaurants and negroes. They preferred buses to tubes.These people are meant to be the heroes of the text. Its bad enough to dislike cats and Katharine Hepburn. That would strike these people off my list of friends anyway. But to be so openly prejudiced against fat women and negroes? Yeah, not really the protagonists I like.The whole bloody plane should have gone down in the ocean.