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Conquest (The Triumvirate Chronicles #2) Alexander Dundass

Conquest (The Triumvirate Chronicles #2)

Alexander Dundass

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Lieutenant Fleets Admiral William Savage has defeated the Hegemony in Lonsation space. He returns home with his fleet and to his shock, discovers that Supreme Commander Canes has done what no other Hegemony Commander has ever succeeded in doing: the conquest of Veloxora. Unbeknownst to Savage as he travels to Veloxora, Canes is none other than the legendary John Zabin, exiled millennia ago for crimes against humanity. Canes is out for revenge and will do anything to stop Savage and any other immortals. To make matters worse for Savage, the Blood Knights have now allied themselves with Canes. With the escalation of the war, Grand Master West has sent Hogan and his students to team up with Jeb Dogonabar, on Veloxora. Unknown to either of them, Roloxus Dranlox has been released from his prison on Rolus IV and is out to kill all immortals. Savage, suffering ever more at the hands of his poisoning is slowly dying and must face his mortality. Can he free the fleet at Veloxora or will he die in the attempt?