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Andéhir, book 1: The prophecy Ekas Samarlande

Andéhir, book 1: The prophecy

Ekas Samarlande

Published March 7th 2015
Kindle Edition
172 pages
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 About the Book 

In ancient times, a magician by the name of Golan the wise made a terrible prophecy shortly before his death, announcing a great danger which was completely devastate the Andehir as happened was three hundred years ago. The various peoples of this world then prepared to confront the threat... But none came, and, in the years passing, no one gave credit to the omen of the deceased.Today, only a few magicians of the Isantis still, believe including Mitelis, who apprehends the formerly announced disaster and continue to look for evidence of the imminence of the danger. It then sends Angel, the most valiant of his knights, look for evidence of what it wring out, and attempts to, in turn, to convince the different peoples to cease their bickering and unite to confront the real enemy.But evil works in the shadows, slyly taking the lands against the other and Mitelis to good and evil to rally supporters...