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Xetonian Trades I: The Seeding J Wayne Stillwell

Xetonian Trades I: The Seeding

J Wayne Stillwell

Published August 9th 2013
ISBN : 9781491803264
318 pages
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 About the Book 

Twelve billion years ago, a forty-five billion year old singularity drifted in an otherwise empty cosmos. Intelligent life could only look inward. To look outward was to see nothing. The inhabitants of this pre big bang world called their planet Unitasia. The mega planet drifted in an endless sea of frigid barren blackness. No stars to stare at while making a wish or to navigate by on dark nights. No moons to smile upon the harvest or create the rhythmic ebb and flow of ocean tides. As the planets internal sun supernovas, a young man and his girl friend are propelled into infinity in an ark built by his father. Desperate to preserve their species, they seed several planets in the post Big Bang universe with clones of themselves. The clones build technologically advanced societies but disease and war threaten Armageddon. These are the highest of stakes as the future of all known intelligent life hangs in the balance. Xetonian Trade I, The Seeding is both an intriguing creation story and an exciting science fiction tale of intergalactic wars, mind-boggling technology, and the future made possible by it.