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Seaplanes and General Aircaft of To-Day Anonymous

Seaplanes and General Aircaft of To-Day


Published 1940
20 pages
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 About the Book 

I am not the biggest aircraft buff but this vintage, excellently illustrated volume took my eye when seen in a secondhand shop. And it was well worth the investment (a modest £2) as it is not only visually pleasing with watercolour paintings but is also informative as to specification and role of the various aircraft.Although there is no date of publication, it seems to be the early stages of World War II because there is little mention of specific military roles for any of the aircraft and some of them were very quickly involved once hostilities broke out.The interesting statistic about the various planes is the speed at which they travel. For instance the Short Sunderland Long-Range Reconnaissance Flying Boat has a maximum speed of 210 miles per hour - and this is written of with some sincere reverence!The Short Empire C Class Flying Boat has a carrying capacity for two tons of mail and when this is so the passenger accommodation is reduced to take just 17, with luggage! The Supermarine Stranraer Flying Boat is completely fitted for cruising, having sleeping and cooking facilities, also a collapsible boat is carried in case of emergency - the last obviously imperative if the plane is downed in the sea!The Airspeed Envoy of the Kings Flight is a monoplane and was the one used by His majesty the King and other members of the Royal Family. It has a maximum speed of 203mph and a cruising speed of 170mph. The Fairey Swordfish can be used as a torpedo carrier when the usual complement of three is reduced to two, which is also the case when a load of bombs are carried.Bi-plane or monoplance, the aircraft are all quite fascinating and the book is redolent of a time when air travel and transportation, plus aircraft design, was very much different than it is today.